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NEWS! I wanted to let all of my customers know that I will now be partnered with the Insect Control Solutions (ICS) company - Same People, Same Products - just new name.

Hi, I'm Nancy Young, a Sugar Grove, IL resident and a lifetime Chicagoland area resident. I discovered CedarSiders' (Now ICS) toxic-free, organic products in the summer of 2011 when I could not go out in my yard because of the mosquito population in my yard. I cannot use insect repellent products that contain DEET (not should anyone - read about DEET). I luckily found CedarSiders. Now, my yard is free of ALL nasty biting insects without compromising our health and our cat's health. And, BEST EVER is a product that should replace any flea "Spot On" treatments. Read more HERE - you'll never use these poisonous products on your furry friends again!
I'm on a mission to rid pesticides from our communities - one neighbor at a time. ICS has given me that opportunity to be their area distributor of their safe and effective products. ICS has several eco-friendly, 100% organic products to repel, kill and permanently eliminate fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, mites, gnats, bed bugs, lice and dozens of non-beneficial insects from your home, yard, pets and family.
Come out to the Sugar Grove Farmers Market every Saturday from 8am to Noon.

Everyone come to the Sugar Grove Corn Boil - one of the greatest events in Illinois. July 25, 26 & 27. More Info HERE.

As Seen in the July Issue of the Golf Chicago Magazine
Follow Me to a to a Toxic Free Community . . .                   

Our Mission: To Curb Chemical Contamination in our Communities - One Neighbor  and Furry Friend at a Time

"Took a Travel Size of BEST YET to Africa
  and Not One Bite"
  Sherrie W, Owner of Safariline