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Products - Best Ever, PCO & Forever Wood

A.C.T. Products (formally CedarCide) are organic, safe, and eco-friendly. BEST EVER and PCO work as a repellent and a contact killer of dozens of biting and invasive bugs: fleas, mites, ticks, gnats, mosquitoes, bed bugs, lice, ants, termites and dozens more of non-beneficial insects. Same People, Same Products, Same Right Side of Nature!
Cancel your expensive exterminator contracts that only claim to work by repeated spraying.
No more allergic or more serious reactions to these pesticides and poisons. Feel good about using ICS eco-friendly products that eliminate the worry about the effects on you, your family and your furry pals from poisonous non-effective insect repellent products.

BEST EVER - For Indoor and Personal Use - A Repellent and Contact Kill Spray
BEST EVER can be used on humans, pets, horses, farm animals, any surface including skin, hair, cloth or leather furniture, wood, hardwood floors, kitchen, bedrooms; essentially ALL areas of the house. BEST YET is formulated with food-grade EPA and FDA approved compounds that was developed for our troops in Afghanistan.  BUY NOW

PCO - For Outdoor Use - A Contact Killer of Invasive Biting Insects
PCO is an outdoor pest control protocol for homeowners and pet owners who refuse to expose themselves and their furry companions to pesticide poisons. PCO is pet friendly, non toxic, outdoor pest control that will take care of the insects without exposing the pets and family to nerve-toxic agents. Safe for all vegetation including vegetable and herb gardens. BUY NOW
Forever Wood - Protect Your Wood!
ICS's 100% non-toxic, green, wood stabilizer and green wood sealer is an environmentally safe, earth-friendly, eco-green wood preservative for your deck, garden, fence or dock. Preserve your untreated cedar, redwood, pine, fir, bamboo, etc.
Forever Wood is a ONE TIME-LIFETIME, all green wood stabilizer, the ultimate in 100% non-toxic wood preservation. This dynamic product triggers the early stages of wood petrification, CedarShield is a penetrant, not a coating. Treat your old or new deck, dock, fence, log structure, outdoor furniture, equine center and any other wood or bamboo construction with this dynamic Cedar Oil and Silicone solution.

Note: Forever Wood purchase of Gallon or Five-Gallon product must be done by drop-shipment and ordered by phone or email.
Phone: 630-880-6993; Email: nancy@mygreenics.com
Forever Wood Gallon: $60.00 each; Five Gallon Pail ($70 Savings) $230.00